Do a google on cupcakes and you’ll be swamped with heaps of images of cupcakes with decorations too pretty to eat!

Since I do not possess the creative skills of a professional baker, I can only manage a very basic cupcake. I am pleased though, with the outcome as the result this time is much better than previously (this is my 2nd attempt). As you can probably tell from the photos …


(1st try) Who wants conehead cupcakes?? Not me!!!


(2nd try) Mmmm… light & fluflly Nutella cupcakes. Yummy!!!

The Nutella cupcakes have been declared bento worthy. So i’ve included one for K’s lunch today.


Today’s lunch menu :

  • tortilla wraps with salami, cheese, tomatoes, avocados & baby spinach leaves
  • a Nutella cupcake
  • grape tomatoes
  • a Strawberry cream Freddo milk chocolate