Easy peasy bento:  

  •  Bacon & Cheese roll
  • Salad tossed in light honey mustard dressing with boiled egg, slices of avocados & cheddar cheese

since we will be returning back to Singapore soon, i’ve been frantically trying to clear all the non-perishable food that i’ve purchased over the last few months. i totally forgot about the pack of aburaage (fried beancurd skin); they were sitting right at the back of the kitchen cabinet beneath a pile of canned baked beans.

so, i decided earlier this week to prepare a bento that consist of inarizushi just so that i could use up the aburaage (and also my new 2-tier lunchbox that i picked up for only $2.50!! yayy!! i’m glad i did not give in to temptation & purchase one from ebay which would easily cost me 5x the price).


the wordings on the box says “Happy fruits is very delicious. I will eat this and will become fortunate all together!” How’s that for engrish!?!?


The inarizushi were topped with spinach & egg omelette rolled up to resemble a tamagoyaki. I do not have a tamagoyaki pan so i’ve used my regular round frying pan which works the same.

It would be boring to have just inarizushi for lunch, so i made some onigiris too with salmon mayo as fillings. I thought the onigiris were a little on the dry side and I would prefer it to be a little moist with a touch of flavour on the rice.


 now i had better remember to use up those baked beans!!


This was an easy lunch to prepare and it took me under 20 mins in the morning to put together:

  • ‘4 Cheeses’ pasta from Continental brand
  • grilled salmon on the George Foreman Lean, Mean, Grilling Machine
  • mini croissant from the supermarket
  • small container of Kewpie mayo to complement the fish

You know Spring has arrived when you hear birds singing & chirping.  

Look! We have 3 new guests in our garden today…


Displayed in the grounds of Commonwealth Park, over a million blooms announced the arrival of Spring in Canberra at the annual Floriade 2007.

Definitely not to be missed if you happen to be in Canberra between 15 Sep – 14 Oct 07!

We are having Mantou with braised pork for lunch tomorrow.

In Singapore, this dish is commonly known as Kong Bak Pao. Here’s the version of my Chinese Hamburger lunch, packed in a 1L Lock & Lock container.

On the left – 2 mantous with braised pork belly.  

On the right – an egg that was braised together with the pork and a store bought red bean mochi (Japanese rice cake) for dessert.

This was a lunch that I prepared a week ago and forgot to blog about it.

We enjoy having zaru soba as it is very easy to prepare & the cold dipping broth is simply appetizing!

To complement the soba, I prepared some side dishes too:

From L to R,
 – champagne leg ham (i’m happy that i found those skewers at the Spotlight Party store!!)
 – teriyaki beef
 – prawns siew mai (shumai)