Crochet & Amigurumi

Sinced our return to Singapore, I’ve had the luxury of time to indulge in doing craft works as I have not found a job yet. (People say that economy and job market is good. I should just be patient and wait along for the right doors to be opened).

The latest craft item that I’ve made are these coasters, made using 100% cotton yarn. I plan to make another one to complete it as a set of four. It makes a good gift, I think. Handmade with love.



You know Spring has arrived when you hear birds singing & chirping.  

Look! We have 3 new guests in our garden today…


Kibby is our house pet. Do you have a pet too??

She stays in a pair of winter boots!


Here she is hiding under the bed, munching on a piece of donut.


Oh! by the way, Kibby also enjoys boxing!


Kibby is strong despite her petite size…

Here she is with a competitor who is much bigger in size than her.  

tmpphpa0mqxp.jpg tmpphp7kotzh.jpg


Do you have a favourite activity too?


 Momo-chan is in Elementary school. She enjoys music. Do you?

 She also loves to play hide & seek.

 tmpphplfafm5.jpg    tmpphpcsjozb.jpg


              tmpphpnraoqj.jpg       tmpphp9nb5ka.jpg

She is hiding in some of her favourite spots. See if you can find her!

Was hide & seek one of your favourite childhood games too??


Mr Smith woke up to a frosty winter morning. He took a peek from the balcony to check out the weather.


The weather sure doesn’t look good. It was raining and boy! was it cold.


It doesn’t help that today is only the start of a new working week. He quickly concluded that a call to his supervisor could get him a day off work. As you can tell, the call to his supervisor did not turn out well!!  

   dsc_2198.jpg tmpphpu8qmlf.jpg

 Did you have Monday Blues today as well?

On a recent trip to Sydney, I bought an Amigurumi magazine from a Japanese bookstore. It has about 18 patterns in it, including a separate section on making little accessories for the amigurumi bears.

Though the instructions are in Japanese, the patterns are not that difficult to understand (that is .. after spending days & agonising hours poring over the details for me to realise that  O meant a slip stitch while X meant a single crochet, duh!!).


Ms Squidee is completed.. (pattern from it took me 2 days to make her and i’m pretty pleased with the results, considering that it was my first attempt at amigurumi. 


Do you amigurumi too??

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