i’ve started running 3 weeks ago.

i was never a runner, i remember dragging my feet (literally, i was walking) throughout the entire 2.4km that we had to run each week during my secondary school years. I’ve never completed a 2.4km run without stopping and walking most of the route back. i pant harder than my dogs whenever we play in the garden.

i started running because i kept hearing about the runner’s high, the state of euphoria that one experiences while running. Well, i definitely needed to keep sane (and a dose of euphoria certainly is much welcomed) while i battle with unemployment (i’ve been seeking a job for the last 5 months, the details of which i may talk about in a separate post later). i’ve also been told by my doctor that i have slightly above borderline case of high cholestrol. My physique certainly does not tell of one that has high cholestrol, but whoever thinks that skinny people = healthy are definitely wrong. So i guess these reasons are good enough motivation to get me to put on my “only used thrice” adidas supernova running shoes (even if im a newbie, at least i can try to look like pro with my co-ordinated running outfit plus wrist band).

I started by running in the estate around our house with my husband being my pacer/trainer/cheerleader. I remember once after running for what seems like a long time, i stopped as i was having bad stitches and realised to my horror that we’ve run for only 1.6km. Our target was 3km. My husband is so into running that he has this super cool Polar running computer (get this, it’s not a watch, it’s a computer!!) that is able to monitor heart rate, distance, pace, cadence and it can even provide you with a customised training plan for your next marathon.

I’d like to think that i’ve made some progress in running. i’ve managed to run 3kms almost effortlessly at a slow pace and yesterday i succeeded in running 6kms without stopping, clocking in at 48mins46secs. For the Great Eastern Women 10K Run which i’ve signed up, I hope to complete it in 1hr20mins.

Oh yes, i forgot to add that I signed up partly because of the event singlet and goody bag that is given to all participants 🙂