since we will be returning back to Singapore soon, i’ve been frantically trying to clear all the non-perishable food that i’ve purchased over the last few months. i totally forgot about the pack of aburaage (fried beancurd skin); they were sitting right at the back of the kitchen cabinet beneath a pile of canned baked beans.

so, i decided earlier this week to prepare a bento that consist of inarizushi just so that i could use up the aburaage (and also my new 2-tier lunchbox that i picked up for only $2.50!! yayy!! i’m glad i did not give in to temptation & purchase one from ebay which would easily cost me 5x the price).


the wordings on the box says “Happy fruits is very delicious. I will eat this and will become fortunate all together!” How’s that for engrish!?!?


The inarizushi were topped with spinach & egg omelette rolled up to resemble a tamagoyaki. I do not have a tamagoyaki pan so i’ve used my regular round frying pan which works the same.

It would be boring to have just inarizushi for lunch, so i made some onigiris too with salmon mayo as fillings. I thought the onigiris were a little on the dry side and I would prefer it to be a little moist with a touch of flavour on the rice.


 now i had better remember to use up those baked beans!!