I remember having オライス  once at Takashimaya’s foodhall. I think the key is in the  omelette, cooked on the outside yet creamy & moist on the inside. Here’s a video i found on youtube of someone preparing the dish:

 Of course i tried to re-create what i saw on the video…


 well, i managed to make the fried rice but wait a minute… where’s the egg? Let’s not talk about my failed attempt. Look what i made instead… (improvise, improvise, improvise!)


The eggs are nicely rolled up and cut it into 3 portions and secured it with a plastic skewer. Next to the egg, there are some popiah (spring rolls) that I made last night. Instead of the usual deep fry method, I had it oven baked.. not as yummy but definitely healthier. And lastly, sliced avocado & tomato wedges.


K’s lunchbox!

I made myself a bento for today too although i’ll be having it at home.


My star!!