Today I prepared 2 lunchboxes to be eaten with at his workplace as we were going to play golf after that. Unfortunately, it rained and we managed only 2 holes. Anyway, I had the whole morning to prepare lunch, much to my delight.


I made カレー ライス.

Both boxes had the same dishes except that mine has the cute うさぎ (rabbit) divider that S sent from Spore. Behind the divider is a soya sauce egg. Egg was medium boiled and gently tapped with a teaspoon all over the shell and cooked in soya sauce (1/4 c soya sauce, 3/4cup water & a dash of Chinese cooking wine) to get the marbled look.

No fancy decoration in K’s lunchbox. I’ve only used a grass divider to prevent the curry from messing up the rice & egg.