Today being a nice & sunny day, I decided to join K for lunch at his workplace. I prepared 2 おべんと today. I call it ‘His’ & ‘Hers’ lunchbox…


Her Bento (packed in a ‘Decor’ brand box)
– on the top right hand corner, I have beef & vegetable rolls that were leftover from dinner. Lightly boiled broccoli florets seasoned with Maggi seasoning sauce & a sprinkle of Nanami Togarashi powder.
– on the bottom, I have rice (also leftover from dinner) with wasabi fumi furikake. Right in the centre, a molded bunny egg 🙂
– as the leftover rice portion was too little, I decided to add some spaghetti (to make up for the carbo) topped with meatballs bought from the supermarket. Meatballs were delicious, tasted just like IKEA ones!
– Grapes & strawberries for fruits!


His Bento (packed in a Lock & Lock with dividers..newly purchased from David Jones at 30% discount!! 🙂

– the left compartment has meatballs and broccoli florets as well as a molded bear egg (put inside a cupcake liner)
– to the right is spaghetti cooked in Latina Fresh Creamy Sundried Tomato sauce, topped with Bacon bits.
– fruits are in a separate container (due to space contraints)